Think 'End of Days' but substitute Jesus for Arnold. The opening scene will be EPIC. In comes Lucifer. NYC. Late at night. In the hood. Fires burning. People partaking. NYC. They see him. They feel him. They can not take their eyes of this man. This son of God. I am thinking a little bit of Bawitdaba is on audio. This time stamp is like 45 to 60 seconds. Next up. Jesus. A white man. Pale skin. Blondish hair. Six foot, 180. I am thinking Waikiki... People on the beach... start to notice... on the horizon... an image... coming toward them... looks like a man... a man walking on water... towards them... another 60 second clip... and the man arrives on the beach... in white robes... could this b Jesus? Probably... I am thinking israel kamakawiwo'ole us singing his epic hit, somewhere and what a wonderful world. The scene is set. The two sons of God arrive on Earth. Now days. The results, the interactions will be epic! The premi